Do you have a problem with a joint, muscle, nerve, or tendon?

With 1st Contact Physio you can start working with a physiotherapist within 24 hours

About the service

This is a new NHS funded service that allows you to request an appointment with a Chartered Physiotherapist rather than your GP.

If you think you have a problem affecting your joints, muscles, or nerves (such as back pain or a sports injury) then physiotherapists are experts in this field. They will assess your condition and provide you with the best advice. Once you understand the condition then it can be managed. This may be with exercises and advice or you may be referred onto other services such as face-to-face physio, your GP or other clinical support.

This service is designed so that you get an appointment more quickly (within 24 hours) and that you speak with the best person. It also makes sure that GPs can concentrate on patients with more complex medical conditions—giving better use of NHS resources.

Yes, of course. It remains your choice as to whether you would like to speak with your GP or a physiotherapist.

The NHS are always looking for innovative ways to deliver high quality services in the most affordable and effective way. All your health information remains within the NHS system and it is securely protected and looked after.

The process


Complete physio request form


Physio will arrange an appointment with you within 48 hours


Telephone and/or video call with physio


Face to Face appointment if required

The outcome may be to refer you for a course of physiotherapy, provide you with advice and exercises or refer you to your GP for further tests…

Request form

To get started, simply fill out the form below.

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